05 October 2012

Allan J. Rothecker, Architectural Technologist

Since Rockwood Custom Homes’ inception, I have worked with the two brilliant partners who brought this company into being.

Talented people in their own right, Allison and Grainger have attracted a stellar team of professionals to the Rockwood creative table. Every week, I experience the enthusiasm and commitment of each team member with whom I work on a variety of client projects—and what a pleasure it is to work with this team.

The word "family" was used by other employees in their testimonials. I believe I am the oldest member of this family and can attest that "family" is the best description of the company’s culture. Never in my 40 years as an architectural designer, technologist, and commercial interior designer, have I experienced the day-to-day consistent care and excellence that this company and its employees strive for as they give the best of the best to their clients. It is a privilege and a welcome challenge to work with Rockwood.