October 2012

Karen & Chris McDowall

Looking back now, we feel so incredibly fortunate that we chose Rockwood as our builder.We are thrilled with not only with our beautiful new home, but also with the entire process. It is not often that you hear of a building experience that is on time, on budget, and a pleasant and rewarding experience. The entire Rockwood team became like family to us and they remain incredible and impressive in their dealings with us now that we are in our home.The workmanship on our home exceeds anything we c...
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Ken Yurkovich & Wanda Opheim

The Rockwood Team build for us a truly beautiful home in Calgary, that surpassed our expectations. Rockwood handled everything from permits, plans, construction to interior design and finishing etc. They made building our home a great experience. The trades that worked on our home were wonderful and very talented and we had a tremendous project manager. Our home was finished on schedule. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a custom quality home.
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Laura & Tyler Krausert

Building with Rockwood Custom Homes was an amazing experience. They were exceptionally accommodating to our schedules, our preferences, and our lifestyle while building our dream family home.Because we have three children under 2.5 years old, we were overwhelmed. Rockwood took the time to understand where we were coming from in order to facilitate constructive meetings and allow us to move through the building process with ease.During the design meetings, we felt that we were being gui...
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Anne & Paul Wanklyn

My husband and I can now join the long list of people singing the praises of Rockwood Custom Homes. Our story is a little different in that we required a renovation rather than a build. Right from the start, partners Allison and Grainger warned us that renos can at times introduce problems that are difficult to foresee when the original project scope and cost estimate is being done but that Rockwood would be prepared to handle any such matters should they arise.The first portion of the project p...
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Karen & Doug Haughey

Our experience with Rockwood Custom Homes was outstanding.  Every business is ultimately a people business and it's apparent that Rockwood lives by this adage. The Rockwood team brought a great combination of creativity, practical advice, tremendous know-how, teamwork, and sound financial management to the entirety of the build process. We can honestly say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to build our home with Rockwood, largely due to their people, who were with us ev...
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Nadine & Kevin Brown

Our renovation with Allison and Grainger was exceptional from start to finish. Our hope was to have an enjoyable creative experience with minimal stress. (High hopes for building a home these days!Due to the effort of our amazing foreman Ben and the entire team of designers and trades people, the entire process was very smooth. The team’s attention to detail, time management and cost clarity was exceptional. We always felt like our needs and wants were respected. Anything was possible and ...
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Tony Giantomaso & Oksana Tcherbak

We first set our eyes on our dream property 2 years ago. Once took the plunge, we quickly realized that was only the first very small step to realize our vision. Our dream house. So what to do? We interviewed many of the top builders in Calgary, but I still didn't feel 100% comfortable with any of them. Luckily we drove by a lovely looking home with a Rockwood Homes sign in front of it, and I made a call to Allison on a Sunday afternoon, thinking to leave a message. Well, she actually p...
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John & Susan McWilliams

Very happy clients!There are numerous ways in which Rockwood excelled throughout the build or our custom home. First, they achieved a superior result.  The house we had only previously imagined was built to the highest standard using quality materials and was delivered on time and on budget.Some important qualities Rockwood brought to the process: Trust - We were able to completely rely on information and advice we were given by Rockwood partners and staff. Imagination and Innovation &ndash...
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Cameron E. Plewes

Building a home with Rockwood was an entirely enjoyable experience. Rockwood’s professional staff handled every aspect of the entire project from inception to completion. Their entire process proved to be very time and cost efficient and made me feel like I was part of the team building the house.  Rockwood earned my trust before we ever began the project and continued to do so during the build and afterwards. Not only are they bona fide experts in their field but it was also evi...
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Alan & Evelyn Reimer

We made a big decision to knock down our existing house and replace it with a more modern one. After first discussing the project with a number of other builders, it was quite clear when we then talked to Allison at Rockwood that this was the builder we wanted for our custom home.   With very little input from us, Rockwood came up with a house design and floor plan that exceeded our expectations. It was then a fun experience visiting suppliers with Katie and Allison to select various h...
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