Rockwood Custom Commercial


Our Rockwood Custom Commercial division unofficially started with the design of our very own Rockwood Custom Homes head office in 2016. In its design and build, we took the same care and attention to detail as we would for our custom homes. We used quality materials, and sourced tasteful and functional interior selections. We engaged our talented Rockwood team, experienced tradespeople and artisans to bring our vision to life: a stunning, open-concept workspace that seamlessly blended modern and industrial styles. With a distinctly organic feel, the Rockwood head office is an extension of home for our team, and as such has many touches that create a comfortable, flexible work environment. Its unique design resonated with both current and prospective clients, so much so, that on its heels we evolved our core business to include commercial development.

In early 2020, we handed over our first third-party commercial project – Tiller Digital’s new office space in Calgary, Alberta, officially launching our Rockwood Custom Commercial division. Beautiful and thoughtful commercial spaces—both renovations and new builds—are now proudly delivered to you by Rockwood.

Commercial Services

We understand that creating your perfect office space is integral to your business operation. Not only is it an extension of your unique brand and culture, but it is your team’s home away from home. Our commercial spaces are created with this thought in mind.

“A happy team is a productive team.” 

Our commercial clients can expect a top-rate experience when building with Rockwood Custom Commercial. We start with understanding your vision for your space, and injecting our considerable design and construction sensibilities. Initial conversations will include our CEO, CFO, Project Managers and Designers, in order to fully scope your project. We’ll then create a fulsome budget for your project, ensuring all details are considered. From there, we’ll create a detailed construction schedule and project timelines.

Our goal is to provide business owners peace of mind. History is a great predictor of future success, and we take great pride in our near-perfect track record of coming in both on time and on budget for Rockwood projects. For your custom commercial build or renovation, you’ll be assigned a Project Manager, a Design Project Manager and an Interior Designer. This trio will act as your core Rockwood ambassadors that you’ll work with throughout your build, ensuring that plans are seamlessly executed as scoped.

They will be supported by our extensive financial team—CFO and accountants—who’ll provide you with regular budget-to-actuals reports, tracking each and every input in real time. Moreover, we’ll look after your project as if it was our own, so that you don’t have to sacrifice a day of your business operations while your build or renovation is underway.


“Because we’re business-people too.”