Our Process

The Rockwood team is excellent, to be sure. But we don’t operate in a vacuum. Our intelligent, thoughtful and carefully considered processes and procedures allow every Rockwood home to be constructed with care and style—and delivered on time and on budget. Early on, we structured Rockwood as if it was a large corporation. As we grow, sound and established processes and procedures continue to ensure operational excellence and seamless service delivery.

Step 1: Client Consultation

Every project benefits from a lengthy client consultation. Understanding your needs and vision for your custom home is paramount to a successful build. With our partners’ wealth of expertise and the correct architectural design pairing, your home will move from dreams to blueprints—from concept to reality.


Step 2: Financial Planning

At Rockwood, we respect the financial commitment required to build a new home. For many, a Rockwood Custom Home or renovation project is the culmination of a lifetime dream. Through sound financial management, from the very onset of project planning right through to your move-in date, we protect your investment. We start with a detailed cost estimate so that there are no surprises along the way: every faucet, shingle and spindle is considered and valued. Our detailed templates allow us to cost over 90 per cent of inputs, before we even begin. Monthly budget and variance-to-budget reports help keep you appraised of construction progress and allow for regular discussion points along the way.


Step 3: Project Management

Rockwood’s project managers are detailed, engaged and responsive. They work seamlessly across our operations to ensure successful execution in all project facets. Project-specific construction and decision schedules that accurately reflect the build process allow for timely and meaningful reporting, never leaving the client guessing as to the status of their build. Rockwood’s clients are clear and comfortable with the processes as recommended, and our operations are maximized as decisions flow, keeping projects on track. In large part due to our processes, we’ve never missed a move in date.